We are fast​-​moving motherfuckers. We are women and men of action.

by The New Trust

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released May 17, 2003



all rights reserved
Track Name: This Invitation Has Meant The World To Me
This Invitation Has Meant The World To Me

This invitation has meant the world to me.
Pictures don't do justice to this place.
I can't tell what effects the drugs have had on me,
there's tragedy in everybody's face.

That's all behind,
And I look forward to the time ahead
I'm to spend with you in Manitou.

All four seasons in a row.
It's the first time that I've ever seen the snow.
It's all but wasted, playing Galaga all day.
All four seasons in a row.

You've got a kind and forgiving heart,
Keeping in mind all the time ahead we'll spend apart.

Because this Christmas doesn't feel like Christmas
Is supposed to feel at all.
And every Christmas feels less like Christmas
Did when we were small.
Track Name: Don't Even Get Me Started On Jebus
Don't Even Get Me Started On Jebus

Skin black as blood,
Surrounding eyes of inhuman reflection.
Your uniform, it wears you well.
It wears you down to the very nerve.
Just hold my head against your breast and purr.
The black kitty cat, Chantel.
Hold me close, Chantel.

But there's a topic we can't touch
Because to so many it means so much,
But to me it don't mean shit.

Don't even get me started on Jesus,
You won't like what I have to say.
Fables and fiction, pure superstition,
A fairy tale to waste your days away.
Track Name: All Things Are Moving Toward Their End
All Things Are Moving Toward Their End

Wait, can you feel it moving?
Hey, the distance is shrinking
Feel it spin out of control

I can feel it all ending
Time is wastefully spending
All things move toward their end

Be it the birth of a star
Or a kiss between friends
The distance is shrinking
It's unavoidable, sweet thing

Another life has begun
In the kingdom of men
Both things are moving
It's unavoidable, sweet thing

Yeah, yeah, yeah!
You cannot run from it, darling
All things are moving toward their end
Track Name: Crashed Out
Crashed Out

You'd like to change, well wouldn't we all?
You keep me close just to break your fall
And you do fall.

Crashed out in the living room of someone else.
Think back, you've done all this to yourself.
You've derailed and gotten off the track again.
You're not supposed to do this kind of thing to your friends.
We're tired of giving in and giving up.
Open doors when you say you've finally had enough.
Morning comes, and you've brought back the same dark days.

Personified advantage
That you can somehow still imagine
That this love and these people around you
Are not your family, goddamit.

Crashed out, your politics all shot to hell.
Fine lines - it's getting so it's hard to tell
Who's right, your enemies at the gates
Are really those that you've discarded
When you start to break.
Strange how
With convictions you say can't be bought,
Your face reflects
All you've sold along the road so far
It's sad and it's empty, so take another look.

If you found out just how much all your opinions mean
(They mean absolutely nothing)
You'd probably never speak to us again.
Track Name: I Thought That We Were Getting Together
I Thought That We Were Getting Together

What made me think that there was something there?
What could have led me to believe
That there was something between us?
Maybe the time you took to tame me
And made me somehow feel we were famous.

You've come and gone and you're moving on
While all along, I thought that we were getting together.

You're not going anywhere
Until you see this house we built come down
And take these screams and insults with you when you leave.
You need to know that this is serious
As serious as serious gets.
I thought that we were getting together.
Track Name: I'm A Sucker For Backwards Drums
I'm A Sucker For Backwards Drums

I'm a sucker for backwards drums
And underwater photography
If you expect me to fight this war
And ignore
That I've a thing for six-foot tall boys
And getting high till we see the sun
If I'm to give up my drugs and boys
Then I'll run

And I won't return until
At last, the barbarism's gone
It's lasted for so long
And the dark ages are behind us
Until the kings' fat heads all roll
And their thick black blood will flow
And the golden age is upon us

I'll stand up to the actors
Who play the parts of our masters
‘Action! Now ride off into the distance.'
You ask ‘What's my motivation?'
‘How about your fucking head on a stick?
Now get moving!'

I'm a lover, not a fighter
Track Name: Live Like You Mean It
Live Like You Mean It

I want to pick you up and dust you off.
I want to take you down and dress you up
And we will drink and drink and drink.
Drink, drink, drink, drink it up.

One hundred bands, one thousand love affairs,
Half empty halls and folding chairs.
And the best ever guitar parts
Are made of broken hearts.

The records we could make and break.
The hell that we could raise, for heaven's sake.
There's so much you could feel
If you live like you mean it.
Track Name: When The Bombs Go Off
When the Bombs Go Off

I'll be facing toward the east when the bombs go off.
I'll be holding up your t-shirt to my face.
You'll be facing toward the west, photograph in hand,
Wondering. 'Why could't they wait?'

Shirts half open and tight jeans,
This is how we roll.
We can't help but fall in love nearly every night.
Making out is the new sex, as you kids have shown.
So do it if it feels right.

Haters can blow us, they don't even know us.
Critics please take careful aim.
We're charlatans, surely
Spoiled and unworthy
Despite what our publicists claim.