Dark Is The Path Which Lies Before Us

by The New Trust

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released January 23, 2007



all rights reserved
Track Name: A Spoiled Surprise, A Cheap Reveal
A Spoiled Surprise, A Cheap Reveal

Sound is the sleeping of the aged
Who've long outlived the wars they waged
Deep dreamiing, sans the fear of monsters
The villains of the era conquered

Dark is the Path which lies before us
The stoic older folk adore us
For we brave the odds with something special,
A certain "notgivinafuckness"

So we sound the dull, electric drum of our hearts
As unassuming as the towns which we are from
Each beat - a sonic boom into the corners of your room

Gone is the magic of the old days
Enchanted forests turned to freeways
Nothing left to imagination
A spoiled surprise, a cheap reveal

And you'll see, all through the annals of history
Motherfuckers just like The New Trust
Keeping a lid on the mystery
Of what makes motherfuckers like us, us

Dark is the path which lies before us
The stoic older kids adore us
For we brave the odds with something special
A certain notgivinafuckness
Track Name: The Life Of The Infidel Comes Crashing Down
The Life of the Infidel Comes Crashing Down

I know how this goes
My mouth is closed
A secret buried beneath crypts of shame
The life of the infidel comes crashing down

One step closer to death
You feel my breath on the back of your neck
Hands up your shirt
And though this definitely means my life
I will not stop
I cannot stop

The song of the siren
When played over the radio
Sends cars full of sailors
Driving right off the roads
With one shining body
That made everybody blind

I know how this goes
My eyes are closed
Our engines idle as our lips touch

I know it's wrong
But I can't stay strong
Through this siren's song:
"We don't have to take our clothes off
To have a good time"
But it sure helps
The life of the infidel comes crashing down

A once ancient song of love
Stands aside to unveil
Bitter and black betrayal
Now after all this time
I need for you to see
Sara Sanger, you sang
My one true siren's song
You saved my life
Track Name: Absence Makes The Heart Go Wander
Absence Makes the Heart Go Wander

Invisible ropes which bind our ghosts
Weaken with distance, with time
I feel the tension slack when we're holding hearts
I feel them tug when we are kept apart

This gedankenübertragung we've been practicing for so long
Whose projection was once so strong
Is the signal finally fading?

All this time we've spent traversing air, land and sea
Should, in theory bring you that much closer to me
But these years propose a different hypothesis:
Absence makes the heart go wander

I should have seen this coming
I should have known
That we'd grow tired of being left alone

But if you stand and stare across the sea
It's like you're standing right next to me
You'll hear my whispers carry on the breeze
As you close your eyes to sleep
Its like you're lying right next to me
You'll feel my kisses as if in a dream
Track Name: The Lost Language
The Lost Language

Once, a wild phantom sprang forth from a rock
And we all called him god
Giant-headed doctor locked the phantom up for ages

Three children hiking from a bridge down a lush landscape
Unleash the phantom playing children's games
The children chant a secret spell in a lost language
The rushing river speaks the spirit's name
The birds and insects sing their song in the lost language
Soon his magnificence will take its shape
The bridge's underside will serve as the phantom's keep
The children make their new home in the shade

And a language lost
In the darkest age
Means a war will start
And the world will change
Track Name: Evolve Into Nothing
Evolve Into Nothing

I pledge allegiance to the fags, the immigrants, the drunks,
The disenfranchised punks, hidden by rags
And there's no such thing as god, for if there was,
He'd be lost in obscurity where he belongs

We are children of space and crustaceans
All our extremities licked by flames of the sun
Raised underwater by ice-dwelling mammals
Schooled in a network of nerves, untied and undone

We emerge unscathed, never looking back to wonder how
Betrothed, betrayed, never having figured out
You're so much more than the sum of the family you're from
And the circumstances which you grew up around
And if there really is a truth, then you'll never get your head around it

My father crawled on the floor of the ocean
The son of shit-tons of atoms swirling around
My mother slept in the wake of a comet
Catching on fire and slamming into the ground

One day when we've all evolved back to nothing
We'll spend our whole life exploding under the stars
With even less of a real understanding
That this incredible journey was actually ours
Track Name: There's Been A Terrible Accident
There's Been a Terrible Accident

There's been a terrible accident
I don't think I will get any sleep tonight
I close my eyes and all I see is the accident

Yeah I'm a survivor
Is that supposed to sound glamourous
That I survived where you have died?
Lacerations and broken limbs
An attitude that's indicative
Of one who remains barely alive

This life is dangerous
These times are terrible
Keep your head and arms inside this ride
Bring yourself close to me
The only shelter here
I'll be the place for you to hide
Track Name: Holy Wars
Holy Wars

Dishonorable, the tactics we employ
The battles in which we engage ourselves
Everybody back home in their box
Are unpacking shopping bags
The ribbon magnets and the plastic flags

Let them believe that there's a man in the clouds
With an eye out for us on the ground
And a halo for every boy
Waits regardless of who he destroys

And if you believe what you are told
You've seen the dastardly dethroned
And the commander sends the heroes home
He sends everbody back home in a box
Made of temples we've defaced
And decorated with the shells we've shocked

Let them believe that there's a man in the clouds
With an eye out for us on the ground
And a heaven for every boy
Waits regardless of who he destroys
Let them believe that we were summoned by fate
To go and fight for a struggle so great
When really we're party to enslaving the world
Track Name: Chill The Fuck Out
Chill the Fuck Out

Flat on the floor
Eyes up, facing forth
Without a drink for twenty days now
For whatever that's worth
Each thought ringing out as clearly as a bell
Sustaining long enough to write it down

Dark is the path which lies before us,
Songs of the Siren, sing the chorus

On day twenty-one, the night's first alky bev
It rushes over like a warm wind
And goes straight to my head
And it's just what I need to quell the aching hell
Of the working week and those incessant bells
Now it's time...

To chill the fuck out
I'll be like a hollow reed
And let it flow through me like the wind
Track Name: Wake Up, It's The Nineties
Wake Up, It's the Nineties

I really don't care who knows
Each second that it growns
Deeper inside of me
I really don't care who sees
Because truly as they say
Whatever's gonna be will be

Deep breaths
Nobody's here to harm you
Deep down
The feelings that swarm inside you
Make you wonder
What is it that alarms you?
Is it that we are all afraid?

But I really don't care who sees
When I want to pull him close
Whispering nose to nose
And if he puts his hand around my waist
Should I worry about being chaste
I mean Hello? Come on!
Wake up, it's the nineties!

Deep breaths
Nobody's here to harm you
I know that we are all afraid

And still, I really don't care
I really don't care who knows
I really don't care
When we're whispering nose to nose
Track Name: This Person Is A Palindrome
This Person is a Palindrome

Your job is to move forward
Head strong and heart that's hard
These are the averages at work
There is equality in human experience
These are the averages at work

Be how they want you to be
Look how they want you to look
Feel how they want you to feel
Build what they want you to build

Oh, these precious minutes
When you talk to me, minutes
You show me the value within it
On the high & vibrate
My shit's on bark the whole time
That we hang out

Each number, a door unopened
Each cold call
Each message, an embrace
Each dial, a knock upon the door

Each call, a call of desperation
A sideways invitation
And the names drop
I'll throw this phone into the ocean
And have a real conversation
Track Name: When The Dead Start Rising
When the Dead Start Rising

We are retarded, I mean the way we act
The way we're talking shit
As soon as the other one turns their back
Why be opponents, When we should be so much more?
You just surround yourself with sycophantic, blithering bores

You need to be near people that you can trust
Forget all those liars, you should know that you can come to us
Because I know this climate is soon gonna change

And the sun will rise on an army of gray, slack faces
And all the places we used to enjoy before
Will never be safe again

When the dead start rising
We'll need all the friends that we can get

Come to the Forty and meet some like-minded friends of mine
That's Jerry Ilkenhons, that's Jaypee, that's Kerri Valentine
We've got machetes and much, much more in the van
And we're set to roll off these city streets as soon as we can

And up to the mountains, where the water is fresh
With imported cigarettes
Because I know you hate to settle for less
We'll drown out the groaning of the undead below

And I believe we were meant for a higher purpose
To someday surface as modern Adams and Eves

When the dead start rising
We'll be warriors one and all
And like the fate of warriors
We will watch each other fall
And when we too start rising,
We'll have to act right there and then
When the dead start rising
We'll need all the friends that we can get
Track Name: The Body And The Brain
The Body and the Brain

Unbridled debauchery
When you bring your body close to me
At the time, what feels right is truly wrong
And where's the crime, when tonight...

The body always lies when it comes to love
She knows only what she needs
The brain can't decipher what is real or not
The body has put him to sleep
Track Name: You've Got To Be Fucking Shitting Me
You've Got to be Fucking Shitting Me

Sugar telephones at twelve o'clock
Says she's pulling up around my block
And would I like to drive to the coast
Through hiccuped sighs

I asked her once why she has to climb
Behind the wheel when she starts to cry
Said it's the only thing that calms her down
And I let it slide

She pulls over without warning
For a six pack at one o clock in the morning
We've only been out an hour, girl
You've got to be fucking shitting me

We go speeding through a sleeping town
Bottles up and the windows down
Sugar, please put your seat belt on
And she laughs at me

"If I liked being told what to do,
I'd have brought my dad along instead of you"
I put my seat back and drifted off
As Kate Bush sang

And dreamed as the dawn set in
We drove straight through armageddon
And when we finally reached the ocean, there was nothing left
We cooed at the howling darkness
As white lights showered down upon us
Spaceships all around now
You've got to be fucking shitting me

I awoke as we approched the coast
The rising sun chased away the ghosts
I really should have stayed awake
Cuz now I feel like shit

Sugar weaves the car along the cliffs
And jerks the wheel for the fun of it
"Would you please put your seatbelt on"
And she laughs, but listen here...

I'll be the one laughing
Shockwaves shooting through the mountains
The coastline's in the shadow of a giant wave
Cruise liners capsizing
As planes crash along the horizon
And I'm the one buckled in
Girl, you've got to be fucking shitting me